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Awesome Indies

Whacked Movies is dedicated to showcasing the work of exceptional filmmakers who express their love of the medium and their dedication to self-expression through their work. These trailblazers, whether first timers or seasoned pros give their all and create amazing movies on shoestring budgets. We're aggressively focused on giving these talented storytellers a public voice and the largest possible venue to get their little gems seen by audiences who enjoy the gritty artistry of the unsung heroes of independent filmmaking.

Filmmaker Focused

Glen Coburn, Ringleader of Whacked Movies loves oddball films that deserve a cult following. His own crazy midnight movie, Bloodsuckers From Outer Space has been entertaining audiences with tastes beyond the mainstream for thirty years. Our goal is not to amass a huge library to dump into the abyss just to pocket some change. We formed Whacked Movies to share the love with filmmakers and their audiences.
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